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Seeing as it is time once again for the annual National Association of Broadcaster (NAB)’s conference, Professional Sound has decided to scour the Internet for some Broadcasting resources. Compiled below are a handful of useful Web sites that we are sure will become some of your favourite bookmarks.
Easily the first stop for anyone in the broadcasting industry, the National Association of Broadcaster’s Web site contains information on the organization, how to become a member, conference details and a plethora of links to organizations and Web sites related to Broadcasting. Additionally, the site features a job bank for those seeking employment and information on grants for those who have a bright idea but not the resources to pursue it.
The Western Association of Broadcast Engineers (WABE) is a Canadian non-profit organization focused on spreading technical broadcasting knowledge to its membership. Their site includes details about the annual WABE Convention, a history of the organization and a copy of its constitution.
The Canadian Broadcast Directory: This site contains a comprehensive listing of links to Canada’s radio and TV station’s Web sites, broadcast engineering companies and equipment suppliers.
The Canadian Association of Broadcasters is the National voice of Canada’s private broadcasters. The association’s site includes information about the organization, industry news, social policy issues, events and links to various member and industry Web sites.
The Digital Audio Broadcasting Web site is loaded with need-to-know info regarding the future of radio broadcasts. Digital audio broadcasting news, coverage areas, products and a helpful Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section are just some of the many things you’ll find on this site.
Home to the Society of Broadcast Engineers, this site contains details on membership with the organization, information on the SBE Certification Handbook for Radio Operators and dates for certification exam sessions.
The Ontario Association of Broadcasters (OAB) Web site contains information on the organization and membership requirements, as well as news, links, a career centre and free classified listings.
Last, but certainly not least, in our list is the Broadcast Net Web site – an incredibly useful resource for anyone in the industry. A true broadcast community, visitors are able to enter the chat room and talk with likeminded individuals from around the world as well as peruse the classifieds and online store for gear. With a large selection of links to every facet of the industry, it is no wonder the site is referred to as “The Broadcast Industry’s Home Page.”

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