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Keep That Mix Under Control by Rob Porter

When mixing, combining different treatments of the same track gives more control. I often split my snare track to two channels – one channel slightly gated (3-10 dB attenuation – long decay) resulting in a natural sounding drum which feeds reverbs nicely. The second channel I very tightly gate (60 dB attenuation – short decay) followed by a dbx 160 compressor (4:1 ratio 8-10 dB gain reductino) with lots of 60 Hz EQ added. I use channel two dial in the impact portion of the sound so that the drum still sounds BIG on small speakers or radio.

Rob Porter – Engineer, Mushroom Studios, Vancouver, BC (Barney Bentall & The Legendary, Love & Sass, Lava Hay, Mae Moore)

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Andrew King is the Editor-in-Chief at Professional Sound. He is also a co-host of Canadian Musician Radio and NWC Webinars’ series of free music and entertainment industry webinars.
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