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Keeping It Simple

I try to keep everything as simple as possible. I just find that in big huge venues it doesn’t really pay to get the most expensive equipment, It would be nice to have the best mic preamps, and the best tube compressors, but you just don’t hear it. It simply doesn’t make a difference. It probably does to a board tape, and it does when you record it, but there are so many variables involved in a huge room.

You’re just trying to make it as good as possible for every seat in the house because people pay a lot of money and they have a lot of choices, they don’t have to come and see [your band]. The better we can make it – the better we can make it look, the better we can make it sound, the better the band hears it – the better for everyone. It keeps people coming back, and ticket prices are not going down in price, they’re going up. Let’s make sure that when people pay that money, they enjoy it and they feel they get their money’s worth.

Robin Billinton has over a decade’s experience as Front of House Engineer for the Barenaked Ladies.

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