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Live & Spontaneous by Fraser Hill and Rick Hutt

Fraser says, “It’s important for me to go see the band performing live, get to know them and participate with them by getting them from live stage to the record – capture the live characteristic of the band in the studio by creating an atmosphere of teamwork and friendship. Enthusiasm can overcome technical shortcomings. I make a record as if I were the artist’s best fan.”

Rick says, “When recording any performance by an individual (when it’s an overdub situation), I prefer to go for the spontaneous personality of the performance. Rather than taking one track and punching in on that specific track, I record several performances on different tracks and then create a composite of the best moments of those performances. As you are often unable to judge at the moment something that is unique or unusual, this method allows the producer to survey the tracks more carefully for the unique qualities of the performance character.”

Fraser Hill and Rick Hutt (The Audio Pals) – Northern Pikes, Tom Cochrane.

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