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Studio Etiquette by Colin Nairne

Try and leave the world outside when you’re in the studio. Take care of any business before you go in so you can keep your thoughts on the task at hand. Having said that, be prepared for anything and have fun. Recording is the best part of the whole process of record-making. Take breaks often as you’ll feel better as the days wear on. Eat! Go for walks! Watch Formula One racing on TV! Schedule a late start for Saturday! Above all, trust your producer . . . you paid the ‘big bucks’ for a reason.

When I’m busy working on a record, I become so focused on the task at hand that all etiquette and manners that my mother taught me go completely out the window. When in the studio, it is important to be sensitive to the situation and the client — everyone finds it less offensive.

Colin Nairne — producer for Barney Bentall, Mae Moore, The Paperboys and Spirit of the West.

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