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Using The “Import Session Data” Function In Pro Tools by Brian Moncarz

Not a lot of people seem to know about the Import Session Data function in Pro Tools. It’s really a “how to make your life a lot better” Pro Tools function. Basically, we use it at the studio as an extreme. We have templates, so if you’re recording vocals and the artist wants a cool reverb, there’s a template. You just import the session data, an option that’s just under the File menu. You import it from the template and up comes a vocal track with a send and an aux track to a vocal reverb. It saves you 10 minutes of adding all the tracks.

I use it a lot in mixing, so if I’m mixing a record what I’ll do is I’ll mix the first song and use that as a template, and then I can import the session data from one mix to another. Obviously, I’m not going to import volume changes and pan automation, but I’ll import all of my plug-ins and they’ll all come up exactly the same as they were in that first mix, and then I’ll use them as a starting ground for my next mix. Mixes kind of grow that way. For me, the Import Session Data is a total lifesaver.

*Brian Moncarz is a Co-Owner of Rattlebox Studios in Toronto, and has worked with artists like Moneen, The Junction, and Silverstein. Contact him at *

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